Written by: The Bridge on Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Hello Everyone!
Seems like we have been slacking with the blogs. Well, let’s try another one. This May has gone by both slowly and fast. On May 1st we got to witness a Traditional Nigerian Marriage! I don’t want to write a blog on it because Lance wrote about that one. You can read up on it in the Archives, August 2006. I myself just finished reading it and I had to laugh as I read the comments, especially the ones I made and how some people thought me nuts, all because they misunderstood my meaning! At that point in time I never thought for one second I’d get to see such a wedding first hand! Wow! The way life turns out sometimes!
I’d say Lance describes accurately how the wedding was, as in, it happened just like he described it. Brian and I walked to the junction with Gloria and Zeke; we grabbed two motorbikes and drove to the wedding, which wasn’t too far from Palmgrove. Half the way was smooth pave (actually!) and the other half was up and down jungle trails. We didn’t get there too early, so we didn’t have to wait for the groom’s family. They were sitting there already. It took so long for the groom to arrive, that by the time the bride came, it was dark and people were leaving already. Many people were angry, actually, because it was allegedly the grooms fault for not coming on time. At least that’s what we could figure out; you are never 100% sure of anything. I never got to see the bride. Once it started getting dark, we left, bride or no bride. This place was for the couple to sit, don’t know if they ever did, maybe they sat there in the dark all alone because the people had left. The food was good; they had all the goodies like Lance told us about. The band was like that too, Nigerian music; for those people who’ve been here, you’ll know all about it. Talk about blown speakers. This is a clown who was entertaining the people with funny actions and dancing. I was lucky actually. I got to sit beside the woman who nurses here in Palmgrove and she took it upon herself to describe everything to me, even telling me what the MC was saying. It reminded me of our own MC’s at weddings. He was telling jokes, passing time, introducing people…. much like Victor at home! So that was our wedding experience.

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-dw said:
On: 4th Jun, 2008 at 08:35

But they did get married? Well that’s the main thing. Even tho it wasn’t the most formal thing ever. 🙂 lol
I got an idea for a blog, IF you will be up to it. 😀 I was wondering if you could sort of interview the people (or some people) of palmgrove. Nothing formal or anything. Basic stuff. Just a thought.

wondaful said:
On: 4th Jun, 2008 at 19:37

i agree with dw, sure would be nice to have peoples intervews on dat stuff…but dont worry we’ll be here for you always…we love your blogs…very interesting
keep it up

MH CS said:
On: 5th Jun, 2008 at 11:47

So we did a great job on our skit, eh? Are you aware that when you come home you’ll have to make us at least a FEW Nigerian dishes?

eddie waldner said:
On: 6th Jun, 2008 at 09:18

The only way I’ll forgave you for this very short blog is, if you’ll write another one for june.

bruce said:
On: 8th Jun, 2008 at 13:16

hi brian.bruce here in canda.just letting you and Lean know i am thinking of having some luck with 3m and steelmaster..also getting the kinks out of UPS.most of the crystal shop is in Iowa for the hog show.summer is just is good.

leanne said:
On: 10th Jun, 2008 at 08:04

lol, michelle. i can’t make african dishes at home because the ingredients wouldn’t be available. I’m sure i could find SOME in exotic food stores, but not all! unless i could, would have to see. i really like their dishes here! and eddie vetter, lol. we’ll work on it!