Monthly Archives: August 2008

A new school building.

Written by: The Bridge on Sunday, August 31st, 2008

Palmgrove Community is building a new school house.  The arrangements for this has been going on for quite a long time.  It has only been in the last month that the actual construction has been taking place.  The organization that has been handling this project, or rather controlling the spending is Word Wide Christian Schools.  The real donor of this school could be said to be Don Tingent.  He and a number of other people were responsible for getting a house built by volunteer work.  The goal was to build a house with as much volunteer w....

Of Discouragements and Encouragements

Written by: The Bridge on Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Brian and I had an early Christmas here in Palmgrove, Africa.  On August 14 we went to Uyo to pick up our DHL which was sent to us from Crystal Spring.  Oh boy, did we ever enjoy and exclaim over the contents which we opened by lantern and flashlight that evening!From Debra's awesome little package of coffee, to the turbo charger for the loader, to Rachel Basel's diary…;everything was appreciated!!! And still is.  The past month of July was mostly spent not feeling well by both of us - not our choice of a useful or happy pastime.  This ma....

Of Wanting and Wasting Water

Written by: The Bridge on Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

It all started with a little bit of NAPA. It was such a little bit, so innocent, it made the people so happy, yet unknown at the time, it was wreaking havoc on our faithful water pump 100+ feet underground. This NAPA, which had previously ignored us so that we didn't have running water for the whole month of June, came as one phase, when it should have been three phase. The result of this was a long series of tiresome and stressful events, which I am about to relate. June: This month was pretty much dry, as in we didn't have any water. This tra....

Palmgrove School

Written by: The Bridge on Monday, August 18th, 2008

The Palmgrove School or "Palmgrove Christian Seminary" as it is called, is a private school that is owned and managed by the Palmgrove Community.  It has a capacity of teaching about 1000 children from kindergarten to high school.  The Palmgrove School employs about thirty six teachers. There are also about 12 non-teaching staff, such as administration and management, at this school.  This school was built by the Hutterite Church to try to help the needs of education in Nigeria.  Many miles were pedaled in the Bike-a-thons by Hutterites at ....

Trees in Africa

Written by: The Bridge on Friday, August 8th, 2008

When we first arrived in this distant land across the sea, I was fascinated by the strange and beautiful trees.  Coming from Canada, I was used to our rather thin trees, trees that faced cold and impeding winters every year, and therefore it takes our oaks, poplars,  maples and coniferous trees a long time to grow.  Here it is entirely different - to quote Lance from his blog of April 2006, "We have to be careful not to drop any ripe bananas because as soon as they hit the ground, they start growing so fast that you will find yourself 10 ft ....